Soil Ecology Research

Our research focuses on how agricultural management practices affect the soil biological, chemical and physical processes that govern nutrient cycles in the soil-plant system. The goal is to identify sustainable agricultural practices, such as those that improve nutrient use efficiency by crops, increase soil carbon pools, reduce N and P leaching from soils, and reduce N2O emissions from soil.

Current Research Projects

  1. Earthworm-microbial interactions affecting crop production and greenhouse gas emissions from temperate agroecosystems
  2. Transforming plant carbon into soil carbon: the role of soil microorganisms and fauna
  3. Environmental and economic benefits of temperate tree-based intercropping systems
  4. Best management practices for manure management, to optimize nutrient availability and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  5. Evaluating nitrogen and phosphorus in surface runoff and subsurface drainage with 15N stable isotopes and 31P-NMR
  6. Ecotoxicity of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in soils
  7. Biomass feedstocks for production of next generation biofuels
  8. How carbon feedstocks for energy and biocement production
A more complete overview on current research can be found by browsing my recent publications.